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Pigeon Hole started out as the private gun range of the Sarraga family. It was built in 2013 and served as the clan's secret hideout. It was named for the flying discs that function as targets for trap shooting. The bright orange saucers are commonly known as clay "pigeons".


The venue has undergone major renovations since its inception. What began with only a few metal plates propped up on tires and a box-like structure has developed into a comfortable rustic retreat. To this day, the family continues to make improvements to the house, filling it with pieces collected from their various trips abroad.


The Sarragas opened their doors to selected guests in late 2015. At present, the site features a functioning trap shooting range for gun-enthusiasts and spacious surroundings for parties and events.


The entire Sarraga household is now directly involved in the running of Pigeon Hole, from the delicacies served in the club house to the upkeep of the grounds.


“A sanctuary not too far from the city but rustic enough to shake off the urban blues, to relax and get recharged. Truly a nesting place.”


-Tito Mora, Swift Travel and Tours

“The Pigeon Hole is special in so many ways: From the over-all country feel to the attention to detail including the specially made coffee cups!”


-John and Lori De Cleene, WI, USA

“30 minutes  from the city and you're in for a treat - rustic feel, tasty food and superb service. Added bonus: the coffee was fresh! I'll definitely come back.”


-Dainty Bebak, CH, USA

Southern Farmhouse
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